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The Mobile Market is very convenient. They provide me with fruits and vegetables that I can take home to my family, and you don't have to be at the grocery store to get them. Being able to play with Coach De at the Portable Park really helps the other kids come out and learn more about the Mobile Market.

Cadarius Lewis Youth Participant

Coming to the Mobile Market has made me like more fruits and vegetables. I enjoy being able to pick out my own produce and cook it by myself. I think its cool that you can get fruits and vegetables and be able to play outside at the same time. I just wish the Portable Park and Mobile Market was year round. 

Matthew Robinson Youth Participant

Being a single mother to a four year old can get expensive when it comes to grocery shopping the "healthy way", but Mobile Market makes it way easier. My daughter gets so excited when she can pick out her own fresh fruits and vegetables and loves to find new ways to cook them. I am very thankful for this program and its perfect for the community.

Jennifer Bayonne Parent

I have always had a passion for kids. Once I started working with Portable Park it gave me the oppurtunity to get more involved with the community and have fun with the youth at the same time. Most of the programs we offer are free and I encourage everyone to participate and get fit while doing so. 

DeAndrea Sanders Program Coordinator

Being apart of the Farmers Market and Mobile Market is such a great oppurtunity. I get to introduce new fruits and vegetables and look at the excitement on the kids faces once they learn something new. I encourage all parents to bring their kids to all of the events and try not to miss out on such a great deal.


Thaven Jackson Asst. Set Coordinator

I have been in retail for over 25 years and decided to change my direction in life by joining the City to take the Natchitoches Farmers Market to a different level. With the support of this wonderful community and great people in Natchitoches, we are changing life styles and eating habits of the young and old.

Valerie Balthazar Set Natchitoches Coordinator